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What are the limitations?

We recognise that peer to peer learning is only one of many different approaches to informal learning. Through the Share to Know programme we hope to identify and address some of the challenges that face youth and educational practitioners who may want to adopt peer to peer methodologies, and also to recognise what the limitations of this approach are. Some current thoughts from our team about the limitations of peer to peer education are shared below; we’d welcome your thoughts and comments about your own experiences.

“Currently – recognition and validation. There are few formal education environments where peer-to-peer models are genuinely developed or integrated alongside other types of learning. I also think that a challenge (more than a limit) for peer-to-peer education is how it can be developed in a way that also values and accommodates diversity of perspectives, and difference“

“Not widely recognised as a method“

“Some skills/knowledge need specialist knowledge and are not suited to peer to peer.  I dont want to go to a dentist who has learned her skill through peer to peer  – I want to be sure my dentist has had specialist training! Also for people who think  of themselves as ‘successful learners‘, people who have experienced success through traditional teaching methods, may find this approach challenging.  Which is why I believe peer to peer is most appropriate for people who are sometimes called reluctant learners“

“We’ve found that even quite technical skills, like first-aid, which many people believe can only be taught by certified trainers, can be effectively shared through peer learning. I think we’ve only just begun to tap into the potential for using peer learning in a variety of contexts. Through intensive and creative experimentation we will gain a greater sense of these limits. That’s really what we are setting out to explore through this programme“

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