Experiences of peer to peer learning – Anna

Anna is a project manager at Alma Folkhögskola.

How do you define peer-to-peer-education and learning? A democratic and practical learning method individuals to individuals

What are your experiences with p2p education? I have experience as a  participant, teacher, strategic planner and observer. It is a great method as everyone is included and it strengthen not only the knowledge of a new subject, but also the self-confidence. It is short sessions which make it easy to attend and you are concentrated all the time.

What would you say is the biggest benefit/advantage of p2p education? Everyone can perform it.

What are the limits of p2p-education? Not widely recognised as a method.

What, in your opinion, are the requirements of individual learners and teachers for p2p-education and learning to be successful? (this question is focused on what the facilitators, teachers and enablers of p2p education need to make p2p learning processes possible). Open mind, willing to learn and be involved in the process, you need to share ideas and opinions. A democratic sphere.