Share to Know is a cooperation and exchange project funded by the EU Erasmus + programme. The project is part of the Eramus + ‘strategic partnership for youth’ field, which supports the development and testing of innovative approaches to youth work. It is being led by 3 partner organisations in London, Stockholm and Berlin.

Despite some EU labour markets showing falling youth-unemployment, many young people who have become NEET (not in employment, education or training) during the economic crisis are struggling to take advantage of new opportunities.

The Share to Know Partnership aims to improve access to learning for young people furthest from the labour market by advancing non-formal education, specifically peer-to-peer learning. This innovative approach is of particular value in engaging individuals at risk of long-term unemployment, for example, those with a negative experience of education and the large numbers of young Europeans not currently in employment, education or training.

The partnership will contribute to the EC Youth 2020 Strategy objectives of:

  1. Increasing labour market relevance of learning provision and qualifications and reinforcing links between education, training or the youth fields with the world of work;
  2. Enhancing the quality and relevance of education, training and youth work by developing new and innovative approaches and supporting the dissemination of best practices;
  3. Facilitating the recognition and validation of knowledge, skills and competences acquired through formal and informal learning.

And has the specific objectives of:

  1. Creating a platform for sharing best practice among peer-to-peer education specialists and promote this platform amongst stakeholders from youth work, formal education and employment sectors from across Europe in order to increase understanding of the effectiveness of peer-to-peer education
  2. Developing effective and engaging pedagogical methods for structuring employment-related peer-to-peer-learning courses for young people
  3. Developing effective methods for engaging NEET young people in peer-to-peer-education
  4. Creating a European network of expert practitioners in order to support the adoption of effective methods in peer-to-peer learning courses on employment-related topics and opening the opportunities offered by online peer-to-peer education for NEET young people
  5. Improving impact measurement and evaluation techniques for peer-to-peer education initiatives
  6. Developing effective recognition/accreditation tools for informal learning achievements

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